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Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards

Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards

The Description Of Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards

Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards is the best greeting cards maker to wish your friends and family this Lantern/ Mooncake Festival! Now you can download this ecard maker and select the cards similar to a birthday greeting. Edit your Mid-Autumn Festival wishes and change the images until you find one you prefer. You can choose from either readymade greeting cards or simply select a blank card template!
This greeting card maker comes with many features as listed below:
# Mid-Autumn Festival wishes
# Many greeting card templates and images to use
# Ability to customize your own wishes for Mid-Autumn Festival
# Pre-made greeting cards are available if you do not wish to spend time editing
# Save your Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards inside your smartphone or device’s album
# Share your final greeting card product with friends and family via Viber, Whatsapp or social media apps!
Mid Autumn Festival is a harvest festival with origins in China. It is celebrated mainly by people with Chinese or Vietnamese ancestry (race or ethnic group). Mid-Autumn Festival is a public holiday in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Since the Shang Dynasty, Chinese people have celebrated the harvest during the Autumn moon, but it became popular as a festival only during the Tang Dynasty. Carrying lanterns and making and eating mooncakes are the common ways people celebrate Mid Autumn Festival nowadays.
It is time to put a fun twist into this yearly tradition, by sending your family and friends the greeting card wishes! When you create an online card such as this, you are celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in a unique way. This is the modern era, where you can combine the power of social media, apps and greeting cards. You could use a cards maker for a birthday greeting as well as for Mid-Autumn Festival wishes.
Who is this Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards app for?
* Those who love sending greeting cards and wish to share them with friends and relatives
* People who normally send e-cards or are active on social media sites. Perhaps you do not have much time to make a greeting card from scratch
If you have used a greeting cards maker for occasions such as a birthday, this app is just right for you. After opening the app, you can create “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” greetings in just a minute. Once you have decided on the greeting card template, all you need to do is to open it up, add your message, and save it. You can then send the card via Facebook, messaging apps, email and other platforms.
How do you use Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards?
# Open the app to the main page
# There will be a list of blank greeting card templates to choose from
# To use the Greeting Card Maker, select your favourite template and start customizing your message
# Save the final product to your phone and share with your family, friends, colleagues etc.
# You can also choose a readymade card. Tap on ‘Send Cards’ then select ‘Send Readymade Cards’
# Preview the card before sending. Have an enjoyable Mid-Autumn Festival celebration!
After you have sent out the Mid Autumn Festival Greeting Cards, you can check on the history of cards you sent within the app. All you need to do is open the application, and look for the tab icon labelled ‘List’. Here you will see a display of all previously saved and sent greeting cards. Have a great time of catching up with family on this joyous occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival!
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