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Decorating Birthday Cake Tips

Decorating Birthday Cake Tips

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Celebrating a birthday is something we always celebrate every year. Although not celebrating, the most important is the health and longevity that God has given us. We must be grateful for what God has given us.
When celebrating a birthday, there must be a birthday cake that decorates a birthday party. The birthday cake adds birthday specials. Beautiful and beautiful cake is very coveted by people who are birthday. But not many people know how to decorate the cake. Let's discuss how to decorate birthday cake. Here's how:
1. Coat the cake with butter cream

The first thing we need to do is coat the cake with butter cream. It aims to moisten the cake and as the basis of cake decoration. To coat the cake with butter cream, it takes a jagged cake rake, scapper, spatula, turn table and spray bottle containing water. Use cookies that have been cold or store in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Butter cream color used can be adjusted to our desires.
2. Decorate the cake with butter cream

The second step is to decorate the cake with butter cream. We can decorate the top or side of the cake. We can decorate it in various shapes, such as leaves, stars, or lines. To decorate it, we need a tool called a syringe. This cone-shaped syringe is the edges of which there are shapes.
To shape it, first insert the syringe into a triangular plastic (piping bag),then insert the butter cream. To use it, piping bag that has been filled earlier, we can press it so that cream can come out. Decorate as you wish. Do it slowly so that the decoration is not damaged.
3. Giving accessories

The last one is giving accessories on birthday cake. This form of accessories is usually not edible. But there are some that can be eaten. These accessories can be text, objects, etc. Suppose we can add a Happy Birthday text on the top or side of the cake. Or for example we can add fruit cherry, meses, strawberries, and many more. This decoration can be customized to your liking.
That's the steps in decorating a birthday cake
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