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Decorating the cake basically makes the cake look even more appealing to look at. However, more than that the function of decorating the cake itself can aim to cover the shortcomings as well as repair the cake part of the flaw with cake decorating material, even with creativity, the cake can change its shape. In addition, decorating the cake can also be to express the expression or intention of decorating the cake. For example as an expression of compassion made heart-shaped cake decorated with flowers using dominant colors pink.
To decorate the cake you need to cover the cake with a beautiful color. In addition to cover the lack of both in terms of color and texture of the cake, Cake closing can add flavor and color to the cake. Closing the basic cake like sponge cake, you can use butter cream, fondant or Royal icing. From these options, there are advantages and disadvantages of each material. For example Royal icing is not suitable for cakes that contain many pieces of fruit, instead use a sprinkling of colored sugars as decoration. This time the kulineri will share the tutorial and how to decorate the cake with butter cream.

You can use this app to get inspired in choosing a cake tart model. For those of you who want to make a tart, you need to have this app to help you make it easier to make a tart. Hope this application can help you.
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